In one of the most unusual and eclectic musical team-ups in contemporary punk-rock, German outsider artist Klaus Beyer, infamous worldwide for his off-beat, lo-fi, cover versions of Beatles classics, (often utilizing the original music track), now sets his sights—and sounds—on inimitably crooning adapted German language lyrics to the anime inspired punk-pop stylings of NYC’s Osaka Popstar.

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Those who find themselves quickly endeared to the cult of Klaus Beyer join a discerning fan base that includes Osaka Popstar’s John Cafiero himself, and the likes of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore.

The same lo-fi techniques applied to Beyer’s 13 year mission of covering the entire Beatles catalog stands true to form. Utilizing the original instrumental music beds of “Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk” (featuring guest appearances in the backing band by members of the Misfits, Ramones, Black Flag, & more), Beyer delivers an oddly appealing & wholly unusual vocal performance sure to please fans of his eccentric Beatles work, the “Adult Swim” generation, & those with an appreciation for the truly unusual.

Title track “Shaolin Affen” even boasts a music video shot on Super 8 film by notorious cult director Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Der Todesking, Captain Berlin vs. Hitler), transforming 60-year-old Beyer into an 80’s punk. The video & the EP itself was produced in association with Frank Behnke, former Mutter guitarist, and documentary filmmaker whose credits include the making of David Lynch’s film “Blue Velvet”.

Beyer’s work isn’t limited to any single form of media either. His visual artistry, (sold & exhibited in galleries worldwide), materializes here in the form of original illustrations representing the songs on the EP’s sleeve art. These illustrations interact with photos by Behnke and Buttgereit, to visualize the surreal world of Klaus Beyer and “Die Shaolin Affen” EP.

"Monkey-Brown" 7-inch
"Monkey/Banana Mash-Up"
Online Exclusive Vinyl variant

(B-side shown)
"Banana-Yellow" 7-inch

Track Listing: 1.) Shaolin Affen (Shaolin Monkeys), 2.) Monster (Monsters), 3.) Wo ist der Kapt'n? (Where’s the Cap'n?)

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and Frank Behnke (Producer & ex-Mutter guitarist).

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Inspired by the Osaka Popstar song, Klaus Beyer illustrates a "Shaolin Monkey" casually knocking out the king of the jungle! As seen on the cover art of the new 7-inch EP, and featured in the "Shaolin Affen" music video directed by Jörg Buttgereit. This full color tee also includes the "Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar" safety pin logo, and "Die Shaolin Affen EP" title graphic.


Inspired by the Osaka Popstar song, Klaus Beyer illustrates "Monsters" wearing suits and ties! Great full color tee bookends the "Monster" art (seen on the back cover of the new 7-inch), with the Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar" safety pin logo.

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In connection with one of the most unusual and eclectic team-ups in punk-rock, notorious cult director Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Der Todesking) shoots the "Shaolin Affen" music video in collaboration with German outsider artist Klaus Beyer and Osaka Popstar…

Klaus Beyer, best known for his off-beat, lo-fi, German language cover versions of Beatles classics, (often utilizing the original music track), sings his adapted German lyrics to Osaka Popstar’s “Shaolin Monkeys”! The song, (written by John Cafiero), translates to “Shaolin Affen” when performed by 5th Beatle and actor in the Schlingensief Team, Klaus Beyer.

Cafiero, had made mention of Beyer, and his Beatles work, in a syndicated radio interview with “Out of the Box” host Amber Kuhl.
Click here for a clip.

The music video for “Shaolin Affen” was produced and edited by Frank Behnke, ex-guitarist for the band Mutter, and manager to Beyer. Behnke, active in the film and TV industry, is also known for directing documentaries for German TV, including the making of David Lynch’s film “Blue Velvet”.

Behnke sent Beyer’s recording of “Shaolin Affen” to Cafiero as a surprise.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.” Says Osaka Popstar vocalist and producer, John Cafiero. “I really enjoy Klaus’ Beatles stuff, I have his whole catalog, so it was totally surreal to hear one of my songs get that same Beyer treatment. I absolutely loved it. Klaus even created an original drawing for “Affen” and made a proper CD single to send me. I was very flattered. I thought Klaus’ “Die Glatze” video, and others he’d made, were very cool shorts. I was really enthused by the idea of a video for “Shaolin Affen”."

Director Jörg Buttgereit transformed Beyer into an 80’s punk for the video. He reflects: "It was great fun making a Punk rocker out of Klaus Beyer by dressing him in my old Punk outfit. And it was an honor to work for real American Punk legends." Buttgereit shot in a format both he and Beyer are familiar with, Super 8 film, and included alternate shots in Hi-8 video (filmed by Frank Behnke) to contrast it.

“All the city footage without Beyer is from Buttgereit’s personal Super 8 footage of Berlin in 1980!”, informs producer Frank Behnke. “Old rotten post world war II houses and the street-look of the 80s, including VW Beetles, etc. The last sign you see is from a subway track, "Kein Ausgang" which means "No exit". Its funny to Berlin insiders, since here the (high track) subway had to stop, because of the wall, and the completely different, other country of East Germany.”

"Shooting SHAOLIN AFFEN was great," says Behnke. “In Berlin in 1980/81 the punks were hanging around the Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg district right there in front of Klaus Beyer’s apartment where we filmed it. But he was not participating in the punk movement then. Now, almost 30 years later, Osaka Popstar's music inspires Klaus to catch up on punk in the Super 8 clip SHAOLIN AFFEN."

"I'm really a quiet person.” Says Beyer. “It's the total opposite of my personality to be noisy and aggressive. So in SHAOLIN AFFEN I worked hard playing the part. I translated the Osaka Popstar song directly from the original. It was a really good time."

Behnke concludes, “It looked funny to follow the 60 year old, black haired Punk version of Klaus, full of chains and buttons, wearing a rotten, tight TODESKING shirt, with a super 8 camera in the Berlin Kreuzberg streets. It's a strange world indeed!"

Klaus Beyer’s “Shaolin Affen” debuted on Irwin Chusid’s radio show on WFMU (91.1 FM and 90.1 FM and worldwide via the internet).

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Check out Klaus' other recordings, including some of his Beatles covers, on the Official Klaus Beyer YouTube Channel and visit the Official Klaus Beyer Website.