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Saturday July 29th, 2006 on WFMU

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Song Title Artist Album
Opening music bed (Jigglypuff's Song ) Jigglypuff Pokemon
Unpack Your Adjectives Daniel Johnston Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks
The Kid With The Replaceable Head Richard Hell and the Voidoids Spurts: The Richard Hell Story
Annette's Got The Hits Redd Kross Red Cross 12" EP
Mashed Potato Time Dee Dee King Standing in the Spotlight
Info and back announces from John  
Stickin' It to the Man Tiny Masters of Today Big Noise 7"
(Kure Kure Takora theme (long ver.) Kure Kure Takora Kure Kure Takora
Peep UP Candy Rain Benten Punk Bentoh
A-Ba Ba Shimura Ushiro Ushiro Benten Punk Bentoh
Darth Vader Is Mean Rock Jack Belly Bones
Gimme Culture Red Bacteria Vacuum Roller Coaster
Info and back announces from John  
Time Machine Flux Capacitors Slack to the Future
Smash it Up Part 2 Balzac Curse Of The Damned
- Tribute To The Damned From Japan
Good Girl Mad Capsule Markets OSC-DIS
Mari-chan theme Mari-chan Mari-chan Sound EP
Secret Vampires Bis I Love Bis
Jenete Connais Pas The Prototypes Nelab
Info and back announces from John    
Accion Mutante Def Con Dos Def Con Dos
Real Religious Man Mr. Loco/Danny Elfman Nacho Libre Soundtrack (unreleased)
Cutey Honey OVA (1990's) promo spot Cutey Honey Music of Cutey Honey Vol. 1
Japanese Girl Beat Crusaders Pop on Arrival
Info, back announces and wrap up from John  
Squeezit the Moocher  (Minnie the Moocher) Danny Elfman Forbidden Zone Soundtrack