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Custom Devil Dog


The Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show opened on Halloween night, October 31st in NYC at the Showroom Gallery, 117 2nd Ave. @ 7th Street & 2nd Ave, 2nd Fl. These one of a kind toy works of art were available on a first come first served basis at the Showroom exhibit as well as through this online gallery.
Sales are now closed.

Net proceeds from the sale of these one of a kind pieces were donated to the Picasso Veterinary Fund, administered by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, raising over $5,000.00 for animal rescue.

Custom Devil Dog

Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show Poster


Angel Tan
Anna Chambers
Becky van Cleve (Robot Chicken, Moral Orel)
Ben Frost
Bob Camp (Ren & Stimpy. Spumco)
Bobby London (Popeye, creator of Dirty Duck, Nick Mag’s Cody)
Brandon Engstrom
Brent Engstrom (Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids, Hollywood Zombies)
Brett Parson (Blitz Cadet)
Brian Flynn (Hybrid Design/Super 7)
Buff Monster
Camilla d’Errico
Chris Savido (Workmade Studios)
Christopher Rabilwongse (Coraline, Robot Chicken, Moral Orel)
Dan Goodsell (Imaginary world of Mr. Toast)
Darth Rimmer (Evil Ice Cream)
Dave Burke (Monsterfetish)
Dave Gross (Topps’ Wacky Packages)
Davey Wong
Dennis Larkins
Drew Friedman (Old Jewish Comedians, Rolling Stone, Mad Magazine & more)
Eli Livingston
Erick Scarecrow
Erik Alos
Gentle Giant Studio
Heidi Kenney (Yummy Breakfast, My Paper Crane)
Isabel Samaras
James Kochalka (American Elf, Johnny Boo & more)
Jeff Zapata (Topps)
Jhonen Vasquez (Creator, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Invader Zim & more)
Joey D.
Joey Potts
John U. Abrahamson
John Pound (Garbage Pail Kids, Osaka Popstar, & more)
Johnny Yanok
Jose Garibaldi
Josh Howard (Dead @ 17 & more)
Justin Volpe
Karen Angelica

Kerry Horvath (Evil Ice Cream)
Kids of Widney High (collaborating together on one piece)

Kimber Grobman (Robot Chicken)
Kyle Arneson (Robot Chicken, Moral Orel, Dark Knight, Iron Man)
Luis Diaz (Garbage Pail Kids)

Lya Yoshikawa Nagado
Mad Barbarians
Manny Galan (Dookie-Poo)
Marco of Marcoart
Mari Chan
Mark Bodnar
Mark Dean Veca
Mark Huckabone (Heroes Toys & Robot Chicken)
Mark MacAulay
Mark Nagata (Max Toy co)
Matt Atomik
Matt Burlingame (Robot Chicken, Moral Orel, Dark Knight, Iron Man)
Matt Dangler
Mike Garelli (Juicehead)
Nemo (Toy Qube)
Nix Toxic
Paul Kaiju
Peter Kato
The Pizz
Rational Animal
Rob Saunders (Spider Man II, Robot Chicken, Team America, X-Men)
Robert Rodriguez (Director: “Grindhouse”, “Spy Kids”, “El Mariachi”)
Rockin’ Jelly Bean (Erosty Pop)
Ruth Holswade
Revise CMW
Richard Frost
Ron English
Rose McGowan (actress: “Grindhouse”, and the forthcoming “Red Sonja”)
Sam Fout (Moon Toad)
Sarah Brown (Robot Chicken, Moral Orel)
Seth Rogen (“Superbad”, “Pineapple Express”, “Knocked Up”)
Shepard Fairey (Obey/Giant)
Stephen Blickenstaff (Cramps ‘Bad Music for Bad People’ cover artist)
Studio Kaiju
Tommy Keiser (Robot Chicken, Moral Orel)
Travis Lampe
Trisha Gum (Robot Chicken, Moral Orel)
Vicki Berndt
Warren Rush (Robot Chicken, Moral Orel)
Yosuke Ueno (Spaceegg Studio)

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