The all-new single by Osaka Popstar recorded specifically for the ongoing comic book series, “Sweetie Candy Vigilante” (Dynamite) arrives just in time to start the new year with a resolution to make your life sweeter…

Fronted and produced by longtime Misfits and Ramones collaborator John Cafiero on vocals, Osaka Popstar’s new single, “The Land of Hatchy Milatchy” is being released in conjunction with Vol 2 of the bi-monthly series “Sweetie Candy Vigilante” (available with multiple variant limited edition covers to collect and choose from) via Dynamite Comics, (Game of Thrones, The Boys, Red Sonja, Vampirella, James Bond 007, Barbarella, Disney’s Gargoyles and more).

The new single is available as a FREE MP3 download with purchase of the debut issue of the sequel series “Sweetie Candy Vigilante” Vol 2, #1 and simultaneously available to stream or download on all digital music platforms via the Misfits Records label imprint. In addition to Osaka Popstar frontman and founder John Cafiero on vocals, the new track also features members Dean Rispler (The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black) on guitar and bass and Dennis Diken (The Smithereens) on drums.

Stream the new single HERE

The “Sweetie Candy Vigilante” series is a honey-dipped, dark-humor infused horror/fantasy that tells the tale of “Sweetie”, a beautiful, charming, well-meaning, (yet unquestionably unhinged), descendant of the mythological “Candy Man.” Distraught by the blight and decay of her community, Sweetie is hell-bent on enacting a blood-caked, sugar-coated manifesto on society utilizing her other-worldly powers and family proprietary secrets in her quest to make the world a “sweeter” place. Her magical arsenal of hand-crafted confectionary weapons can prove lethal to those who are “naughty,” or deliriously scrumptious (and in some cases, eternally life-changing), for those who are inherently “good.” Through her Candy Vigilante sweet shop factory, discreetly located in the industrial outskirts of Brooklyn, she secretly fights the bad eggs of organized crime with a violently delicious fury and a loyal team of eccentric, super-natural allies who share her passion to make NYC less “salty.”

So, buckle up gumdrop, and make sure you save room for dessert, because it’s not like a little sugar is going to KILL you… RIGHT?

The series, written and created by Suzanne Cafiero and produced and edited by John Cafiero, has been lauded by critics as:

“Picture Willy Wonka directed by Quentin Tarantino and you’re getting warmer” — Comical Opinions

“Like a technicolor grindhouse film… a gory pop-color epic reminiscent of the glory days of Heavy Metal magazine and late-night cult films… endlessly imaginative… one of my favorite series last year and continues being one of the standouts among the avalanche of books coming out each month” — The Comic Book Dispatch

In anticipation of the launch of Vol 2 of the ongoing series, a “Sweetie Candy Vigilante” Trade Paperback is also available now from Dynamite. The trade paperback compiles the first six issues of the series (Volume 1), along with an interview with the creators, a gallery of original series covers by an extensive roster of visual artists, and a free MP3 of Osaka Popstar’s dynamic punk rendering of the Archies’ classic “Sugar, Sugar” (from the band’s “Ear Candy” EP).

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