It’s Sugar, Ice, and You Betta Be Nice!

Watch the TRAILER for SWEETIE CANDY VIGILANTE! The new comic book series debuts Oct 5th from Dynamite Comics (The Boys, Game of Thrones, Vampirella, Army of Darkness, Red Sonja, James Bond and many more). PRE-ORDER NOW at your favorite comic book shop! Click here to watch.

In issue #1, on a snowy, icy night, Sweetie pays a visit to a NYC landmark sweet shop ‘The Ice Cream Bunny’ hoping to find its namesake at the helm. To her dismay, she finds the shop transformed from its once sugary splendor to a salty den of iniquity. The once beloved store is now a front for a notorious crime syndicate, and they’re not very nice at all. Sweetie uses her captivating persona and unassuming confectionary weapons to tear the place, and its gang of thugs, limb from limb—as the first step to restoring its former glory.  All the while enjoying a dynamic punk rendering of The Archie’s pop classic “Sugar, Sugar” on the jukebox, as heads roll – literally.

Sweetie Candy Vigilante kicks off with a 40-page issue for the regular comic price of $3.99! Includes free pop-rockin’ MP3 download of “Sugar, Sugar” performed by Osaka Popstar, (as featured in the issue) so you can listen along with Sweetie!

Will Sweetie find any good eggs among them? Who is the Ice Cream Bunny? Who is Sweetie’s oversized Gummee hench-bear? Blood! Guts! and a Sugar Rush! It’s all going down in the debut issue of “Sweetie Candy Vigilante”. Isn’t that nice?

Look for issue #2 coming November 2nd…

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